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We don't just work.We create.

We believe that the best way to work with our clients is to create an environment where everybody loves working because happy colleagues make clients happy.

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Our Company

Bishop & Co. is a people-oriented software development company and life-science consultancy specializing in highly complex IT projects in the digital health domain.

Our company was founded in 2016 on the fundamental principle that happy engineers make partners satisfied. Since then, we have constantly strived to create an inspiring environment where everyone loves to work and provide ultimate quality. It seems our colleagues and clients are equally happy. Fortunately, over the years, several like-minded people have shared our vision and entrusted us with their expertise or projects.

Bishop & Co. team
Bishop & Co. team.
Bishop & Co. team member in the office.
Bishop & Co. office.
Bishop Academy.
Bishop & Co. CEO making breakfast.
Bishop & Co. board game.
Bishop & Co. team building.
Bishop & Co. team building event.

Our Values

Love what you do...

We are passionate about our profession and our Company. We believe that you can only do your best when you love what you do.

...with who you do it

We believe it is important to work with people we like and trust. That's why we spend a lot of time finding the right colleagues.

Collective decisions

We make the fundamental decisions for our Company together.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly learning as a Company and as individuals to provide the very best.

Diversity rules

We are different and we think differently. This is the cornerstone of our versatility.

Transparent operation

Every aspect of our development process is open to our clients and the whole way the company works is transparent to our colleagues.

Our Team

Zoli / CEO


Mesi / People Manager

People Manager

Fruzsi / Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Andris / Backend Engineer

Backend Engineer

Szabina / UI Engineer

UI Engineer

Dani / UI Engineer

UI Engineer

About Szeged

City of Sunshine

With more than 2500 hours of sunshine a year, Szeged holds the title of “City of Sunshine” in Hungary.

Quick and easy to reach

Szeged, the third largest city in Hungary, is only 90 minutes away from Budapest International Airport. Take a plane and visit us!

GMT+1 time zone

We are located at Central Europe, so you do not have to worry about time zone issues. Wherever you are in the world, we can adjust our schedule to suit your availability.

Library of University of Szeged.
University of Szeged
A huge cathedral in the city centre of Szeged.
Tisza river at Szeged.
Reok palace Szeged.

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