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Medipredict is a digital health company providing a comprehensive evaluation of your health status by combining information from multiple sources, such as detailed medical examinations, medical imaging, microbiome analysis, metabolomics, genomics and processing medical history.

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Supporting the needs of medical experts

Because of Medipredict's vision, we have to deal with rapidly changing requirements. We need to create a software solution that meets the needs of experts in a rapidly evolving medical field while adhering to strict requirements of storing medical data. Client management involves several steps, all of which require user-friendly, customized software support.

Supporting rapid and versatile growth

Since this is a greenfield project, we had to build our architecture from the bottom up. Our vision was to implement both the architecture and the software code base in a way that supported code maintainability, scalability, testability, simple and separate feature implementations with high availability, fast response times and excellent code quality.

Presenting complex medical data to clients

Understanding complex medical data can be challenging, especially when you combine multiple medical specialties with large sample sizes. Our team has taken on the challenge of creating a platform that presents medical data in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way, while allowing you to dig deeper into your medical results and the health of your body if you are curious.

Our Solutions

Admin portal and scientific modules

Through this portal, doctors, experts and operators can manage the client journey. During this journey, operators organize events, doctors and experts upload medical results and evaluations on this portal. The scientific modules are able to perform automatic analysis and data processing. This solution creates a system where the knowledge of the experts and the speed and precision of the computers complement each other. By combining Java and Python modules, we are able to perform scientific calculations while maintaining the highest coding standards.

Cloud solutions with high quality standards

State-of-the-art AWS cloud solutions help us provide the highest availability and scalability possible. Every piece of code we implement is reviewed. In addition, each feature has automated tests such as end-to-end, integration, and unit tests supported by test containers to further ensure code quality. In addition, our codebase is separated in a package by feature basis, making it easy to add new aspects of the project or remove existing ones to support flexibility.

Client portal and reports

To help people without medical expertise understand their health condition, we have created the Client Portal. This portal is designed to give you an overview of your overall health and organ system in a simple but meaningful way, while allowing you to drill down into the details and take a closer look at your metabolomic biomarkers. You can also request a detailed PDF report to read at your leisure.

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A grid of dots
A screenshot of Medipredict's software in a browser


Fully customized admin portal

With the help of this system, operators and experts can serve ten times more customers than before. By using data validation and multi-level automatic and manual monitoring, customer service became error-free. Workflow automation made processes more efficient, resulting in greater employee confidence and more satisfied customers.

Fast and resilient architecture

By leveraging the infrastructural advantages of AWS, we are able to provide a service with 99.99% uptime while maintaining speed at a maximum through dynamic load balancing. Having created an easily extendable architecture, we are able to quickly deliver new functionality to the customer as requirements increase, without compromising code quality.

Separated domain modules

With separate medical, metabolomics, genomics, and microbiome science modules, codebases are more maintainable and features can be delivered faster. This architecture allows us to create specialized development teams for each module, leading to a deeper understanding of the domain and a closer relationship between the software engineers and the domain experts.


We see Bishop & Co. not only as a contractor but also as a trusted partner to help us with their knowledge and skills. They are flexible and responsive to all our needs, whether those are technical or business-related. The software components developed by them are complex, even in the digital medical industry, however, our collaboration was successful without any issues and they have always delivered their commitments with high quality and on time. We are very satisfied with the results.

Alexandra Hably
Alexandra Hably CTO, Medipredict

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