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Moovs Digital is a digital agency with a mission to create the best learning and buying experience in the online world. By providing creative and innovative solutions with effective integration, Moovs Digital is able to help its partners increase the commercial success of their business as well as expand and strengthen their brand presence with tangible results.

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International team

International environment can always be challenging. Dealing with language barriers and different time zones can lead to communication problems, but these can be overcome through proactive and transparent communication.


As our partner’s customer base grows, it has become difficult to manage everything individually. Therefore to achieve maximum efficiency and deliver quickly, it was necessary to structure our code and components so that they can be reused by many customers.

Manual content management

Manually managing thousands of lines of content could be difficult and time consuming. We needed to think outside the box and create a visual content editor tool that would save both content managers and developers a lot of time in the long run.

Analytics and reporting

Tracking user progress is a must for an enterprise-ready e-learning system. Our goal was to provide a reporting module that would meet the rigorous requirements of an enterprise system while providing flexibility with detailed search and query capabilities.

Product for large companies

An enterprise system must also be elastic and highly available. With thousands of employees accessing the service every day, our development team needed to find a solution that met these requirements.

Quality assurance

To shorten development cycles, we had to start thinking about high-level scenarios that a user might face when using a particular piece of software, to ensure that even the smallest changes to our codebase would be stable and compatible with existing code.

Our Solutions

Reusable component library

In order to provide our customers with the same look and feel across multiple platforms, we have developed a library that allows us to import and use various components with proven functionality and accessibility features to quickly build React apps for multiple brands.

Interactive content management

E-learning content is managed in JSON format. So we needed to find a solution that would allow users to create and edit content without having any development skills. Therefore, we created a no-code interface through which the user can interact with the content's code and visualize it on the fly.


The optimal choice was AWS and the Elastic Container Service. It provides us with an easy-to-configure infrastructure that simplifies communication between services in a cluster, while providing resiliency and durability when services are under heavy load.

Learning Record Store (LRS) integration with Google Data Studio

Processing a data store with millions of user activities is a challenging task. We have integrated features from Google Big Query and Google Data Studio to provide a powerful way to search for data while providing a flexible and user friendly interface for viewing data.

A grid of dots
A grid of dots
A screenshot of Moovs Digital's application showing several courses


System with offline mode

Through the use of service workers and streamlined bundling of training materials, we have been able to allow students to download long courses to their local computers in a SCORM-compatible format.

Significantly faster content management

Thanks to our interactive content management solution, creating, editing or translating content without supervision could not be easier. By leveraging our design system and React’s component-based approach, users can create modules and courses in their browser without any coding knowledge.

Design system for multiple clients

Due to the in-house developed reusable component library, our development team does not have to rely on many outside dependencies which increases confidence in the product. This also means new applications can be developed in significantly less time.

Detailed reports about student progress

To provide a flexible reporting system, we needed to integrate several Google-provided services, such as Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio, to make the reports visually appealing while providing advanced query capabilities on the data.


Bishop & Co. has helped us scaling up our team many times in moments of growth and increased demand. Their flexibility and professionalism give you the peace of mind knowing they will get the job done.

Robbert Visser
Robbert Visser CEO, Moovs Digital

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