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Migration to a Modern Environment

Working with old, outdated software can really slow down your business. Maybe it was developed 5-10 years ago with the latest technologies, but with the pace of today's IT world, your competitors' new applications can get them ahead of you. However, with us, you can speed up again: We either improve existing software or write it from scratch, using the latest and fastest tools available. Throughout the process, we involve you every step of the way, explaining each action we take so you know how and why we take certain steps.

Migration to Modern Environment

Our Approach

Infrastructure analysis

By examining the current infrastructure, we can determine the areas that will have the highest priority during the migration process.

Architecture design proposal

As a result of our infrastructure analysis we can identify typical disadvantages of the current system or disadvantages due to missing important components.


An essential step in bringing your application to the cloud is containerization. It allows us to easily deploy your application in a variety of infrastructure environments and scale it as needed.

Uninterrupted business operations

Migrations occur without interrupting your already running workload, so the transition to a modern infrastructure is smooth and ongoing operations are not disrupted.

Database migration

Our process involves migrating existing databases to a cloud infrastructure, whether it is a heterogeneous or homogeneous migration, to reduce the workload on the existing infrastructure. We always keep security in mind, so sensitive data is always safely stored.

File migration

Important documents and files also have a place in the cloud. Data migration encrypts data in-transit while verifying the integrity of files in- transit and at-rest.

Migration Process

Clarification and estimation

You send us the requirements, or we do a workshop where you can show us the actual application. We will give you a cost and time estimate and explain the possible options, whether to rewrite the entire application or just improve different parts of it - all based on your business needs and priorities. If you accept the estimate, we start the project.

Project kick-off

You get to know the team, the tools, the process and your dedicated account manager who is available for any questions or requests.


Using Agile methods, we work with you constantly and show you what's ready each week. You can change the requirements on the spot after you see how the application works.

Acceptance testing

You can test the application with the incrementally built features at any time, but at the end we will do an acceptance test with you to make sure the application meets the requirements of your business.

Operation and maintenance

We install your application in the live environment and maintain it until you request it.

Software engineer, software developer

Reasons to work with us

Real team

We have been working as a team for years, not as individual freelancers working from dozens of different locations.

English working language

We speak 100% English, this is our company policy.

Cutting-edge technologies

We have extensive experience with the most popular technologies in the industry, but we are always looking for innovative technologies that we can adapt.

Co-located colleagues

We work in the same office in Szeged.

International experience

We successfully work together and have ongoing partnerships with not only the smallest startups but also the biggest multinational corporations like Charles River Laboratories or TetraScience.

GMT+1 time zone

We are located in the GMT+1 time zone, which overlaps with your business hours.

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