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Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app that truly fits your company's needs, budget, and vision is difficult and complex. Technologies change so frequently that it's hard to keep up with the latest developments. Our goal is to always use cutting-edge technology so that we can provide you with the best when developing your app. We involve you every step of the way and explain every action we take so you understand how and why we make certain decisions.

Mobile app development


iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS

By leveraging the powerful development kits that Apple’s ecosystem offers, like HealthKit and CoreML, we can build potent apps with complex features for a total of over two billion iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices worldwide.

Swift & SwiftUI

We leverage the Swift programming language for its flexibility and reliability, in contrast to Objective-C. This enables us to produce high-quality code adhering to modern development principles. SwiftUI empowers us to efficiently create apps for all Apple platforms, handling all necessary cross-platform features.


Empowered by cutting-edge technologies, we produce high-quality native Android applications. We use Kotlin — a language known for its conciseness, safety, versatility, and interoperability—to ensure efficient development. With Android Jetpack's module collection, we adopt industry standards and eliminate a lot of boilerplate code, reducing fragmentation across Android versions and devices.


Flutter is a development kit created by Google. It's used to develop cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single code base. The benefits are clear: you only need to develop your business requirements once, saving money and time, and making the process much less error-prone.

Mature technology

This technology ensures an incredibly fast time to market. With Maturity and Flutter, the performance of developed apps is almost identical to those implemented in native Android/iOS. It also holds the potential to extend beyond mobile at any point in a project's lifecycle.

Codemagic CI/CD

We always integrate our Flutter projects with Codemagic's CI/CD tool, which gives us confidence in their quality and allows us to easily publish them to the stores.

Development Process

Clarification and estimation

You send us the requirements, or we do a workshop. We give you a cost and time estimate. If you accept it, we will start the project.

Project kick-off

You get to know the team, the tools, the process and your dedicated account manager who is available for any questions or requests.


Using Agile methods, we work with you constantly and show you what's ready each week. You can change the requirements on the spot after you see how the app works.

Acceptance testing

You can test the app with the incrementally built features at any time, but at the end we will do an acceptance test with you to make sure the app meets the requirements of your business.

Deployment and maintenance

We deploy your app to any of the stores and maintain it until you request it.

iOs/ Android mobile app developer team

Reasons to work with us

Real team

We have been working as a team for years, not as individual freelancers working from dozens of different locations.

English working language

We speak 100% English, this is our company policy.

Cutting-edge technologies

We have extensive experience with the most popular technologies in the industry, but we are always looking for innovative technologies that we can adapt.

Co-located colleagues

We work in the same office in Szeged.

International experience

We successfully work together and have ongoing partnerships with not only the smallest startups but also the biggest multinational corporations like Charles River Laboratories or TetraScience.

GMT+1 time zone

We are located in the GMT+1 time zone, which overlaps with your business hours.

Do you need an experienced software development team?

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